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OVADA is a 501(c)3 formed to provide a Humane Police Officer for Butler County.

The founders of OVADA consist of three women from Butler County that saw no other way to provide a HPO for our abused and neglected animals.

Being members of the Facebook Page Butler PA Lost and Found Animals, we were getting posts of animals out in the elements, being abused and neglected. No other agency in Butler County was willing to provide this much needed resource for the animals.

We were discussing our options, but when a little dog froze in his crate was brought to our attention, we knew we had to get moving. He is our inspiration and why we are doing this, so another animal doesn't have the same fate.  

We are hoping to make everyone aware of how important this is for Butler County and we are depending on donations from individuals to organizations to make this happen.

We want to make a difference in these animals lives so they no longer have to suffer.

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